Serious Personal Injury


The law firm of Waltz & Downer is an aggressive, experienced law firm that utilizes a team of skilled lawyers, investigators, accident reconstruction experts, nursing consultants and other experts and professionals to ensure that your claim or lawsuit is handled effectively, thoroughly and successfully. The founder of the firm Joseph L. Waltz and Huntington B. Downer, Jr. have been practicing law for over 50 years in the state of Louisiana and their firm can provide experienced and skilled legal representation in a wide variety of matters. The firm has a team of attorneys that stand ready to fight for you and obtain for you the professional legal representation you deserve. Read More


Our team of lawyers in Houma, stand ready to fight for you and get you the legal representation you deserve. We have over 50 Years experience representing clients in the state of Louisiana. Located in Houma, Louisiana, our law firm serves the surrounding community, as well as areas in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. While we are known as a personal injury law firm in Houma, we are also skilled and knowledgeable in other areas of practice and are notable attorneys in Louisiana. We also represent a number of clients in lawsuit cases that are related, but not limited to: Business Legal Issues, Oil Spill Disasters, and Real Estate. Read More


Waltz & Downer Attorneys specialize as Personal Injury Lawyers in Houma LA. We represent numerous cases related to Personal Injury, Business Legal Matters, Wills & Successions, and Social Security. Since 1952, our experienced team of Houma Personal Injury Lawyers at the law office of Waitz & Downer has helped thousands of individuals and families receive proper compensation for their personal injury claims. We strive to provide excellent, fair, and aggressive representation to all of our clients. If you are in need of personal injury attorney, or an attorney for other services Waltz-Downer Attorneys at Law can help! Read More


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